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Trizen creating SMART living spaces with John Keells IT

John Keells IT in collaboration with Sri Lanka Telecom PLC, introduced a turnkey smart home consumer solution exclusively for residents of ‘Tri-Zen’. The proposed smart-living package will feature a single integrated portal for homeowners to monitor and automate the apartment through a smart phone application. Read More

A leading apparel company OPTIMIZED their resource management with John Keells IT

A leading apparel company which is subsidiary of an apparel export multinational corporation founded in Hong Kong wanted to achieve greater efficiency in resource management, needed to understand any existing bottlenecks within the purchasing and raw material handling processes. John Keells IT (JKIT) as their technology partner, began conceptualizing ideas to implement an analytical reporting


Atlas was able to identify and address operational ineffective through the superior framework of process integration and information flow implemented by John Keells IT. It further facilitated business excellence for Atlas through effective financial reporting and business intelligence tools. Read More

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