Disruptive Ideas

We help you THINK of the UNTHINKABLE which will SPARK the TRANSFORMATION of your BUSINESS.







We strongly believe that ANYTHING is possible if we COLLABORATE, CO-INNOVATE and CO-CREATE. We strongly believe and endorse this PHILOSOPHY and make this process more effective by helping you to start by identifying something in your business or industry that’s not necessarily a problem, and then go about methodically breaking it down using the following steps.

Step 1: What do you want to disrupt?
Step 2: What are the business clichés?
Step 3: What are your business hypothesis? What can you invert? What can you deny?

After going through these steps, we should be able to generate several brilliant, wacky hypotheses that will challenge your established way of looking at an industry, segment or category.

The general rule is that bolder “What ifs” will offer a fresher perspective. So, don’t worry if your hypotheses seem completely ridiculous since inverting or denying industry clichés can often lead to significant business breakthroughs. Explore your LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES with us, today.

We can do IT together!


Enterprise today must COLLABORATE beyond the physical and digital boundaries of their ORGANIZATION. We help businesses BUILD the DIGITAL ECOSYSTEM that will enable you to do so.


A beautiful aspect of INNOVATION is that it is rooted in creativity and inspires non-linear thinking in a structured environment. While we completely agree that an innovation should bring creativity into a company, it would also be wrong to think that innovation does not have room for process and analytics and that too beyond the confinements of your ORGANIZATION. We believe that CO-INNOVATION can impact your ORGANIZATION and help you enable same with the marriage by bringing the right solutions and technologies to bear.


Today, many solicit ideas from outsiders for enhancing services and developing products, the promise of co-creation has overshadowed its measurable impact. Studies have shown that the impact of co-creation—the act of bringing external parties, usually customers or suppliers, into a company’s creative process—on new product innovation is a vital ingredient in creating disruptive ideas for yourself. We can help you connect the dots within and beyond your ecosystems.

Have a DISRUPTIVE MIND? Be a part of our TEAM and make a DIFFERENCE.

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