One of the key ingredients to our SUCCESS is the DOMAIN EXPERTISE that we have accumulated by serving MARQUE CLIENTS across DIVERSE INDUSTRIES and we can offer your business, one of the most valuable CROSS DOMAIN EXPERTISE and help you INTEGRATE same with YOURS by means of in-depth understanding of your business, process and industry.

Collective INTELLIGENCE. Your INDUSTRY leadership.

Domain Expertise is one of the critical aspects of any Transformation journey let alone being a KEY CONTRIBUTOR to the success of any INITIATIVE.

We achieve same by creating a long-term strategic partnerships with CUSTOMERS like you and striking the balance between in-house and crowdsourced external consultants / partners who work with us as strategic, long-term partners both locally as well as internationally.ams have multi-domain exposure de to the 20+ years of our presence as well as our long-term relationships with our client organizations through close, constant collaboration and our focus on developing in-depth knowledge of the domains that we work in. Explore your LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES with us, today.


We are part of a diversified conglomerate, with a topline in excess of USD 800m and15,000+ employees across 7 industries and 70+ companies. We have served them for the past 3 decades and have enabled them to in their Digital Transformation journey and likewise have served similar conglomerates of scale as their TRUSTED PARTNER.

We are keen to learn from it and work with YOU in making this journey rewarding for YOU- be it your BIMODAL strategy, your TRANSACTION systems, how you can extend your CORE to create real-time ENGAGEMENT by leveraging the 3rd PLATFORM, Bespoke Development for those UNIQUE needs as well as AS-a-Service offering tailor-made for YOU. Explore your LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES with us, today.

Manufacturing & Retail

We have helped numerous Manufacturing and Retail organizations to combine and leverage their assets, talent and investments in TECHNOLOGY to give them a better and faster returns by building eco-systems that they could leverage to make the difference by means of increasing revenue, reduce cost and time-to-market in today's context. This remains one of our core value propositions - be it core ERP, supply chain management, sourcing, logistics, integration of the Digital stack including IoT/AI into your manufacturing assemblies as their TRUSTED PARTNER.

We are keen to leverage our collective knowledge together with that of YOURS, in creating the next wave of MANUFACTURING & RETAIL organizations that will be of relevance in the DIGITAL AGE. Explore your LIMITLESS POSIBILITIES with us, today.

Travel & Hospitality

We serve numerous clients in this sector and have expanded our footprint by means of show casing value that we could create by integrating the CORE systems with DIGITAL channels as well as leveraging the 3rd platform for our clients in being relevant in today's DIGITAL world in creating that "WOW" factor - be it your core Property Management Systems, Digital stack, SMART Hotels, Cognitive enablement, Robotic Process Automation, Bespoke software development or As-a-Service solution.

We are keen to leverage our experience with that of your aspirations and map your BRAND promise and reinforce same with the right data strategy by mobilizing technologies/solutions of relevance to impact same. Explore your LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES with us, today.

Transport & Logistics

We have worked with select Transport and Logistics companies to enable them to leverage best of both world - the transaction as well as interaction. We have the track record of having delivered the core applications in terms of ERP, HRM, CRM, Sourcing and Warehouse Management as well as extending same on digital touchpoints such as mobile applications, IoT integration, etc.

The transportation and logistics industry is today confronted with immense change: digital transformation, new market entrants, changing customer expectations, and new evolving business models. The imperative is to remain competitive and we can help you leverage your traditional as well as digital assets in order to achieve same. Explore your LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES with us, today.

Airports & Aviation

We have served some reputed airlines and airports and across the spectrum of their needs from core applications such as Reservation Systems, Departure Control Systems, Internet Booking Engine, Loyalty Programs, Crew Scheduling, etc as well as extending same across the 3rd platform as the need may be.

Airport operators and the airline industry face critical challenges. Airlines and airports have the lowest return on invested capital in the whole air transport value chain. They are global industries where competition is in many senses more global than in other sectors. Investments have increased capacities in airports as well as airplanes and this competitive dynamic goes on. Regulatory pressures are considerable.

Airports and Airlines are faced with the constant pressure to lower the cost and to innovate product and service offerings in order to stay relevant and grow their market share. We can help you leverage our domain knowledge coupled with core product knowledge as well as our capabilities across the digital stack to help you stay competitive and relevant. Explore your LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES with us, today.

Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

We have had significant exposure having worked with core enterprise applications to the digital stack that is becoming more and more relevant to the industry segment across multiple customers with an undivided focus on helping you delight your customers through superior experience.

The adoption of new digital technologies in the financial services sector is fueling fierce competition, prompting changes to both internal infrastructure and consumer delivery models. We are keen to engage you in your transformation journey. Explore your LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES with us, today.

Explore your LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES with you.

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