Thought Leadership

We PRIDE in the NEXT WAVES that we have created with our THOUGHT LEADERSHIP.

We’ve collectively amassed a KNOWLEDGE base which can help you CREATE & ACCELERATE your IDEAS into NEW POSSIBILITIES.

Everything starts with a THOUGHT, but then LEADERSHIP is what gives it LIFE.

We are a GLOBAL CITIZEN and are very committed to provide that LEADERSHIP which is required to shape the NEW NORMAL or NEXT NORMAL as the case may be and are keen to build and forge PARTNERSHIP with YOU to realise them.

Is Data The Antidote For Gut?

Most companies drive their organization on gut rather than leverage the data they possess. Is this the right strategy given where we are today? In an interview with Echelon, our CEO discussed where companies keen to implement a data strategy should start, and what makes for a successful strategy. Read More.

INNOVATION- Does Size Really Matter?

For a century at least innovative new firms have driven lumbering old companies out of their dominant market positions. With the spread of the internet and smartphones in the last decade, this disruption has accelerated and now reaches every corner of the world. Read more

Making Sense of Data in a Fintech World

Data is a key differentiator and determinant of the competitiveness of an organization and its ability to sustain value to its stakeholders – be it a customer, employee, partner, or shareholder. Read more

John Keells IT CXO Disrupt: Helping reimagine retail in Sri Lanka

Businesses around the world have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, compelling them to adapt, innovate and reinvent themselves to survive and sustain. Businesses in Sri Lanka are also in the process of recovering from the damages caused by the pandemic by adapting to the ‘new normal’. Read more

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SMARTER ways to do BUSINESS. Create the NEW NORMAL.

We believe that YOU are looking for SMARTER ways of doing BUSINESS. You need a PARTNER who UNDERSTANDS your BUSINESS as well as the POTENTIAL of DIGITAL/TECHNOLOGY in SHAPING your BUSINESS and help you INTEGRATE and LEVERAGE both for your GROWTH, both ORGANICALLY as well as INORGANICALLY. We have the CAPABILITY and the CAPACITY for both through our own TALENT as well as ECOSYSTEMS of ESTABLISHED and PROVEN PARTNERS in being able to DELIVER VALUE to YOU. Explore your LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES with us, today.